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Accountants Are For Everyone!

Have you heard? Accountants are only for businesses or rich folks, right? Nope! If you think about it, most people hire specialized professionals all the time. People hire mechanics, barbers, nail techs, cleaning services, or call the Geek Squad when the computer is on the fritz. I’m sure you have a favorite mechanic for your […]

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Quick Tips for Keeping Track of That Side Hustle!

The side hustle can be a unique and fun way to earn some extra cash. If you have found just the right fit for you then by all means, hustle! People do all sorts of extra things for cash. You can walk a dog, drive for Uber, make awesome crafty items, or sell extra produce […]

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Stash That Cash!

Many teens and young adults work part time jobs during high school and college but usually spend just about everything they earn. It may seem like no big deal, but what if they could save some of what they earn for later and learn important investing basics along the way? The new Stash app is […]

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Business Accounting – Yeah, I’ll Get to That!

“I need to get to that.” A phrase said countless times by business owners everywhere. Starting and running a business can get overwhelming before you know it. Entrepreneurs wear many hats; sometimes all at once. It is practically impossible to get everything done, not to mention done well. When it comes time to crunch the […]

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